How to buy a stylish coffee table?

A coffee table traditionally sits in the center of a room and therefore has a large impact on a room’s décor., A wise choice can bring all the rooms furniture together creating a feeling of style and harmony, a poor choice can overpower the whole room or be unable to function in the way you need it to.

You must consider your budget while buying a coffee table. It is a good idea to set a budget for your coffee table before you begin your search. This will stop you from falling in love with a coffee table that costs twice as much as you are willing to pay. If you want to buy stylish coffee tables, a few things you need to take into consideration are-

1) Sizing of the coffee table

Just as the size of a room will vary thus will the size of coffee tables. Some people want a larger coffee table for maximum impact; others prefer more floor space.

As a rule, you need two feet of floor space all around the coffee table, and it should be no more than two-thirds of your sofa’s length. It is useful if the coffee table can be reached from all the seating in the room without standing up.

The height of your table very much depends on what you will use your coffee table for. Many modern and stylish coffee tables are low; however, this might make it difficult to eat from if that is something that you plan to do. The great idea is to lay a sheet or blanket on the floor as a guide to the floor space that will be used and work out the size you are comfortable with.

2) Shapes of the coffee table

Rectangular coffee tables are the most popular. However, if you have small children, you may wish to consider a round coffee table shape to avoid any accidents with sharp corners. Many people consider a rounder shape more social to sit around, although it really depends on the configuration of your room.

Square coffee tables are excellent in larger rooms, although they can easily overwhelm smaller spaces. If you have a room with two sofas at right angles, a square coffee table can help to give the room a more balanced feel where a rounder shape might feel out of place.

You should take your time in the selection of coffee tables. A coffee table will be a key purchase for any living space. Don’t allow yourself to be talked into a buying decision that you are unhappy with by a pushy salesperson. You will be living with your furniture; they will not. Consider your options carefully so that you can choose something that you will use and love for many years to come.

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